Monday, November 18, 2019

Ethical and Moral Business Management (MBA) Essay

Ethical and Moral Business Management (MBA) - Essay Example My approach at decision making therefore applies deontology with the goal of making the right decision regardless of its consequences. Morality has deeply influenced my professional practice, and decision making in the workplace context. Throughout my term as a summer trainee at Zain Telecom, I have demonstrated ethical decision making by doing what was right in each situation. Working in the Finance Department, which was one of the most critical functional units of the firm, I was responsible for sorting records and analyzing financial statements for the company. I had full accessibility to critical company information and financial records but I carried out my duties without tinkering at the information. I did what was ethically right and expected of me given my position and responsibilities for the role. I resorted to the company policy and acted in accordance with the code of conduct while handling the information. As such I displayed full integrity and responsibility with the critical financial information I was entrusted with. Because my career focuses on accounting and finance, auditing is a key component of my work. Auditing is a domain of accounting which demands ethical integrity and accountability in professional practice. During my term as a full-time Assistant Auditor at Delloite, I was exposed to financial information from a wide array of companies and organizations. Not only did I demonstrate integrity while handling information but I also did what was right by carrying out my duties of auditing the financials truly. My conduct was geared towards ensuring accurate and reliable financial information for the various clients. During my practice as an auditor, I ensured compliance with law and the ethical code of each firm. I responsibly explored the accounting system and reported only accurate information thereby reflecting aspects of Kantian ethics

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