Monday, June 1, 2020

The Reason I became a Physician Assistant in 20 Minutes and 46 Seconds

This is the video from our global medical mission trip October 2012. We were proud to serve over 600 people with combined medical and dental care. I have written several posts on the topic. It was an amazing experience and every time I need a reminder of why I love my job, I just look at these pictures. I encourage each and every Physician Assistant I meet to take a trip like this. And then take 10 more. It will change your life in ways I cannot begin to describe. It will make you a better, more balanced person! Since returning I have a renewed passion for my work, and I am proud of my kids as they continue to ask the questions about these children and theirfamilies. My 5-year-old daughter now says when she grows up she "Wants to be a person who helps poor people and the Haiti kids." Honestly,this is the best thing a dad can hear. I hope that 2013 brings continued joy. My thanks to the amazing Brad Ingram, my dear friend and awonderfulPA who organized this whole adventure. You can see all the photos here. All photos by the amazing: Courtney Reese! You may also like -Most Social Problems Do Not Have a Quick Fix When Good Intentions Are Not Enough As I prepare for my first medical missionstrip to Haiti I question my intentions. I fear that this trip may turn out to be less about helping (because who can help anybody in a week) and more []Working as a Physician Assistant in Haiti: Organization Logistics This video is from the wonderful FREE EdX course:The Practitioners Guide to Global Health The idea of workingoverseasas a physician assistant had always perplexed me. The laws governing PAs and []My First International Trip to Haiti as a Physician Assistant PreperationThis post is the first of aseries I am excited to be going to do some work in Haiti this October. My whole life I have wanted to do medical work overseas and now I am seeing a dream fulfilled. I will be flying from San Francisco []

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