Monday, October 7, 2019

Controls Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Controls - Essay Example There are certain risks, threats and challenges that a company may be faced with and becomes very difficult to evade or run away from( Wilsonart, 2008). This company not being exceptional, there are certain risks or threats that they few may arise if the weight of the boxes are not analyzed and proper results given or tabled. The key threat of this company, which is pegged on the weight of the boxes and a report, is therefore given below. The Weight of the boxes cannot be controlled, as reduction would lead to the production or poor quality products. The set weight of the cereal boxes cannot be controlled even by through packaging as the weight lies within the main commodities and not the boxes. The only reductions can be made is in the weight of the boxes but not the commodity (Munteanu, 2010). This clearly shows that no solution to the company’s threat as the solution lies with them. Actually, it is the duty of the company to increase its sales performance. This will help in bridging the gap that brought about by the weight of the boxes. As it can be seen from the chart or graph, is becomes very difficult to control the weight of the boxes as they run in a set range of units that cannot be altered with and if altered, then the company can experience poor quality goods hence leading to the drastic fall in the company’s performance. The only ways deal with this is to increase the rate of profitability and supplies. With high rate accumulation of profits, the company can fix the problem as a certain amount of profits received will go

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