Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Integrated Marketing Communications Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Integrated Marketing Communications - Essay Example In addition, the modern day consumer prefers an easy, effective and accurate marketing mix that would make their product selection easier. Apple Company is ranked 5th in the 2014 Fortune 500 List. The success of Apple is mainly attributed to the quality of their products. However, Seitel (2011) is of the assumption that the marketing strategies employed by Apple have been of significant impact on the success of the company. The author further points out that the quality of Apple’s products requires integrated marketing communication strategy that would increase awareness of the products in the market (Seitel, 2011). Apple has realized this requirement and developed marketing systems that have increased the ability of its target market to understand its products. This has increased the competitive nature of the company. What are the three most significant IMC tactics used by apple? Are the tactics effective and responsible for the success of the company? The first integrated marketing tool used by Apple is online marketing. Seitel (2011) asserts that Apple has maximized its effectiveness in creating an online marketing platform. For this reason, the tool has been developed to suit the requirement by the market. If one makes a simple internet search for Apple on Google, a massive number of hits are provided that provide a direct link to the Apple website. This makes it easy for a person to learn more about the company. In addition, a consumer is able to search for a specific set of information on the company and a link would be provided to the information required. This has increased the accessibility level of the company. Moreover, the company website is a significant marketing tool. The website is a massive source of information on its products and the company. Significant information provided on the website are information on new products, video manual on how to use

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