Thursday, August 29, 2019

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - Coursework Example File Movement System module is used for the automation of file movement within the different departments of the institution; the system introduces transparency in organizations where there is high generation of files. E-Tendering module facilitates the completion of the tendering process through the advertisement of the requirements and signing or the finalization of the contract; the relevant documents are exchanged in electronic format. Admission, Academics and Examination (AAE) module covers the entire academic cycle (registration, admission, exams, regular attendance, results, and the issuance of certificates or degrees) of the student and it assists the university to utilize maximally its resources (such as support staff and academicians) (University ERP, 2009). Financial Accounting System module is concerned with all finance related aspects of the organization such as expenses, income, and bank and cash related transactions based on the different types of fund. The Human Resource Management System (HRMS) module offers Business Line Managers, Employees and HR Staff Managers collaboration and the ability to manage their responsibilities in an effective manner based on the organizational objectives and goals (University ERP, 2009). The implementation of the ERP system in SU is likely to affect a number of business processes. The management of the university finances (financial accounting and budgeting) will be affected by the Financial Accounting System module, tendering will be affected by e-Tendering module, and the process of recruitment, appraisal, training, performance management, and compensation of the employees will be affected by HRMS module. Since the ERP system is web based, the cost of implementing and maintaining is expected to be low. However, the implementation and maintenance of the ERP system has to be budgeted for. The implementation of the university ERP will improve and expand

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