Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Sociology Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Sociology - Assignment Example Knowledge of sociology also helps the career pursuer. One pursuing a career, regardless of the career field, should be aware of how humans interact. This is true since almost every career goal requires a certain type of human interactions. Positive human interaction can mean a successful career. Every individual has their own political and economic philosophies. These philosophies are important to consider. Sociology teaches how others make decisions. Becoming a dental hygienist involves the use of economic decisions. One may choose to become a dental hygienist for the income level. The income level of a dental hygienist allows the one pursuing the career to reach a mid income level and become a part of the sociological class of individuals that receive moderate income. Individuals in a mid class income level are not considered wealthy but have plenty of money to get by and take care of a family. These individuals also are likely to share similar political beliefs since they will sha re the same struggles. Learning sociology has helped to learn which career goals will bring in certain income levels and which groups of people are associated with certain income levels. Although not everyone is the same, knowledge of sociology helps create an image of certain classes of individuals.

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