Saturday, August 24, 2019

Why did Qatar Win the FIFA World Cup IN 2022 Essay

Why did Qatar Win the FIFA World Cup IN 2022 - Essay Example The pinnacle of this beautiful game is the FIFA World Cup, which is held once every four years. As billions of people love this game, it is not easy for a country to win the hosting rights of a FIFA World Cup. It happens so rarely that many people only get to see the FIFA World Cup played on their home soil once during their lifetimes. To decide which country has the right to play at a world cup, all of the countries play qualifying matches against each other in the preceding three years. From this, thirty-two teams get to go and play in the greatest show on earth. Qatar has a developing interest in football because of its popularity among its youth. Football is just one of the things that Qatar is trying to use to expose itself on the world’s stage. Because of its vast wealth, the Qatari government has the objective of getting as many people as possible to learn about Qatar. This is done through festivals, scientific  conferences, and sporting festivals, of which the FIFA W orld Cup is the most prestigious. It is very clear that not just any country can win the hosting rights of the FIFA World Cup. FIFA has very strict criteria that potential host countries must abide by in order to be able to host the cup. Whenever a world cup is hosted, FIFA demands that its laws must override any local laws. This has proved to be a problem with the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The FIFA secretary general, Jerome Valcke, has recently said: â€Å"Either we do (the Cup) together or we will never manage it (Murphy, 2011). Some of these requests include the price of match tickets, penalties for counterfeit goods, and banning the sale of certain alcohol brands in the stadiums. Also, because of the magnitude of the event, the country that wins the hosting rights must provide adequate security  for all the players and fans. Hospitals, hotels, and food are some of the major logistical requirements that need to be taken care of. Because the aim of the event is to make as much money for football as possible, the host country is required to have a certain number of large stadia so that revenue from ticket sales will be high. One of the goals of FIFA is to publicize football all around would and to assist poorer countries that rarely get the chance to participate in such an event. FIFA thinks of football as a global game, and that is why it wants to take the game to new places. Every region  of the world  has already  organized  the FIFA World Cup at least once. The Middle East is the last major region yet to have hosted FIFA’s most prestigious event. Quite a few people predicted that it would be too difficult for Qatar to win the hosting rights for the FIFA World Cup compared to the rival bids of the United States of America and Australia. There were many reasons why this was thought to be so. First of all, Qatar is a hot country. FIFA has a limit on what heat is considered to be okay to play football in, and Qatar’s climate is w ell above this range (Marcus, 2010). Also, geographical area  of  Qatar is very small when compared with other large countries. In addition, the Middle East is not considered to be a safe place for tourists. Many Western governments warn their citizens who travel in the region simply because of the level of violence that is associated with the area. The latest political protests in countries such as Syria, Egypt, and Libya have shown that things can get out of hand very quickly. On the other hand, the Qatari government used this disadvantage and pleaded that the FIFA World Cup could help to unite the divided region. Also, to alleviate foreign concerns, the Qatari bid team promised to install air

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