Monday, September 2, 2019

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A Rare Encounter    Very rarely in life does one encounter an individual who impacts you in such a way that they not only become ingrained in memory, but also shape the type of person you want to become. For me, Mrs. Peggy Jeens was one of these very special and unforgettable people.    Although I only had the pleasure of knowing Mrs. Jeens for two of my high school years, she affected me in ways far beyond the educational scope. Through her teaching, she showed me what true happiness and satisfaction were. How else could anyone teach for so long and still begin each day with a smile? With exciting and thought-captivating lessons, Mrs. Jeens managed not only to pass the information along to her students, but also make them enjoy learning in such a way that they looked forward to her class every day.    Outstanding teaching abilities, although essential, are not the only characteristics of an unforgettable teacher. In order for a teacher to have that unexplainable spark, you must know them outside of the context of school and have the opportunity to see their true personalities. I was most definitely able to do this with Mrs. Jeens by accompanying her on trips to Italy, Greece, Spain, and Morocco. During these week-long trips, I was able to get to know Mrs. Jeens in a way that most students cannot. I learned that she was an incredibly generous and fun-loving individual who made each trip an exciting adventure for her students. Even though we did not always encounter the best of circumstances, Mrs. Jeens always managed to take the worst situations and make them bright.    Although I learned many things from my association with Mrs. Peggy Jeens, the one I value above all is the ability to be happy with whatever life throws at you. Mrs. Jeens always emanated a happiness that infected everyone around her through her smiles, kind words, and loving nature. It is my personal belief that the most important thing in life is to be happy, as if you are happy, you are content with your life and want for nothing.

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