Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Wellness and Wellbeing - staff wellbeing report Essay

Wellness and Wellbeing - staff wellbeing report - Essay Example This is a lifelong process which each and every staff must consider and it is supposed to be a lifestyle. Apart from the employees taking care of their wellness through adopting healthy lifestyles, it is also the mandate of every employer to be able to provide an environment that encourages the wellness of the employees. It is necessary to for any members of staff to be have a well rounded wellbeing. Yet, a closer look at the EC staff may indicate that they are not as equipped to achieve this as they should. These members of staff deal with a delicate task of shaping the future of young ones. This report outlines the issues affecting the EC staff wellbeing. Wellbeing for these staff should include occupational, physical, social, intellectual, spiritual and emotional dimension. Wellness and wellbeing, according to Donatelle (2006), is a multidimensional issue. According to him, there are sic dimensions to Wellness and wellbeing which include occupational, physical, social, intellectual, spiritual and emotional, wellbeing. This dimension of wellness and wellbeing involves the way a person interacts with their environment and the community around them. For a person to have proper wellness and wellbeing, they must interact with their environment and community in a way that they make better living condition and healthy social environment for others. Wellness and wellbeing are also affected by the person’s ability to involve themselves in physical activities and also in other behavior that affect physical wellness such as eating healthy food. In a modern world where people have hardly any time for physical activity and most of the careers are very inactive in nature. More persons are unable to ever have any meaningful physical activity and this affects their wellness and wellbeing. The fact that most people are too busy these days also means that they may not have time to prepare healthy means for themselves and their families. Wellness and

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