Sunday, September 8, 2019

Knowledge Management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Knowledge Management - Research Paper Example These multinational managers can design their management systems in such a way that they are interlinked and hence whatever information a manager in one part of the globe posts in the system, it can be accessed by other managers in that corporation. This management system should however be coded in order to avoid the information being disclosed to other personnel other than managers without authority from the managers hence maintaining the privacy of the multinational corporation. The organization structures that facilitate knowledge include the worldwide product systems, the matrix structure and also the divisional structure. The global matrix structure however is the most effective because it allows for decentralization of information to the different geographical areas of a multinational organization. This therefore ensures that all the different employees and managers working for the corporation will have access to crucial information about their corporation due to the knowledge management system facilitated by the organizational structure (Claver-Cortes, Pertusa-Ortega and Molina-Azorin, 2012). One of the benefits is the communication effectiveness in all the branches of the multinational company with minimum expenditure. There is also guarantee of inclusiveness and participation by all the employees and managers in the company’s activities and decision making despite the distance and without others being left behind. Effective knowledge management system also ensures synchrony in the company and this fosters achievement of the company’s goals and objectives (Sedera and Gable, 2010). Claver-Cortes, E., Pertusa-Ortega, E. and Molina-Azorin, J. (July, 2012). â€Å"Characteristics of organizational structure relating to hybrid strategy: Implications for performance.† Journal of Business Research, vol. 65 (7), pp.

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