Friday, September 13, 2019

Managers Report for Team Researching Ethics Essay

Managers Report for Team Researching Ethics - Essay Example Each team member knows what his role his, and he does his best to fulfill it. So far, there has not been any whining, complaining, or laziness in any of the team members' attitudes. We all work well together, and it seems as if everyone has enjoyed working on this project. Steve did most of the work preparing the PowerPoint presentation, but he didn't seem to mind much. The rest of the team members were allowed to have some input on what went into the presentation and on what was said during the presentation, since each of us took a part of it. The only main interpersonal problem that came up in the meeting was that DJ was being kind of a nuisance to the rest of the group. There were times that he would say things to throw us off track, and this irritated the rest of us. It was easy to deal with, though, because I just told him that he was bothering us, and he quit. When he stayed on task, he did come up with some very good ideas. Also, he talked a lot, which helped the other members of the group (especially the ones who didn't say much) open up more and share more of their ideas. There have been no other major problems, stresses, or challenges. As mentioned before, everyone gets along with each other, for the most part. And, even when tense situations do come up, they are easy to deal with because each person in the group respects all the others, and we are all willing to work together to make this project successful. Our team's special streng... Our team's special strength is its ability to work together to accomplish a common goal. We can all see what needs to be done, and we are all willing to cooperate with each other to do it. Each person takes responsibility for his own work, and no one tries to take all the praise for the team's efforts for himself. We are all aware that we have each played a role in the successful completion of this project. Since this is the end of the project, there is not much that needs to be done to enhance the team's dynamics. Really, not much would need to be done, anyway, since this team has worked so well together throughout the course of the project. Comments on my experience as a manager I planned on reviewing and finalizing the research paper and the PowerPoint presentation that was presented on Thursday, December 7. I planned on assigning the parts of the presentation each person was responsible for, and timing how long the entire presentation was. I also planned to schedule a time when we could do a dress rehearsal of the presentation as a group. I kept everyone on task, as much as possible, and directed the meeting to the best of my abilities, stressing the importance of class participation and attendance. I would say, since all of these goals were met, that I was very successful at accomplishing them all. My take-charge attitude served me very well in my role as team manager. Evidence of this is the fact that I did not let DJ distract us from getting our work done. The paper and the presentation were reviewed and finalized, and our future meetings were scheduled. Also, my interpersonal awareness helped me to notice

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