Saturday, September 7, 2019

Legislation and common law responsibilities Essay

Legislation and common law responsibilities - Essay Example The responsible thing to do is to report the incident to my superior right away and to administer the appropriate first aid. The centre’s physician will be called upon to check if Isabella will suffer ill consequences of her ingestion of the milkshake, which has dairy products she is allergic to. Isabella’s parents will also be informed of the incident and the action taken to repair the damage, if any. Isabella’s family will be asked to complete a complaint form and raise the concern with the center director. The meeting is documented. Then the side of the concerned staff member the parent is complaining about is heard by the director, and likewise documented. Then the director acts as an arbiter when she calls a meeting for the parents and the staff concerned, in which the discussion is likewise documented. The director will try to arrange for a settlement of the complaint. However, if the complainant remains unsatisfied, then they could take it up to the manage ment committee. Uncle Paul may be a close relative of Eleni but since he is not listed as an authorized person to collect Eleni from the center, he is restricted from taking her without the permission of Natalie, Eleni’s mother. To validate his claim, Natalie must be contacted to verify if indeed she has given him permission to take Eleni to the party they are supposed to attend and remind her to inform the center next time an unauthorized person is given permission is to pick up Eleni to prevent any incidences of unnecessary waiting.

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